About Us and Our Mission

Let’s face it - we’ve produced a monster and it’s destroying our world as we know it: plastic. Over the decades we have formed an addiction to this low-cost material for the creation of thousands of products - but at what price?

After disposal, plastic products can take anywhere from 5 - 600 years to break down; however, most of it simply degrades into micro-plastic fragments that drift within our waters for ingestion by creatures, and ultimately, end up on our own dinner plates. YUCK.

Aside from plastic, our waters are being littered with a variety of human debris that is destroying our planet. Have you heard about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch? It’s literally a collection of human garbage that is twice the size of Texas, floating between the coasts of Hawaii and California. The patch has 6 times as much litter as there is sea life in the area! WOW.

How can we defeat this demon that we created?

That’s where we come in: GetTrashed SD! We’re a beach clean-up charity that likes to pick up trash then boogie down – yes, that’s right, all of our beach clean-up efforts are followed by a bar crawl to our local watering holes to support local businesses.

Our goal is to keep San Diego beautiful. Part of that includes empowering communities with the knowledge to make responsible decisions to help keep the dirt off our streets, and a clean, blue ocean for our animal-friends and future generations to enjoy! Our parks and beaches are some of the best in the world and we aim to keep them that way.

What started off as a personal hobby has grown into something bigger than we ever imagined, and we are just getting started!

"Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does"

-William James

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